Do you have any problem adding products to your cart or logging into Cooking Hacks?June 2, 2015

Some users have reported occasional problems adding products to their carts or loging into our website. As you know, as we are reorienting Cooking Hacks towards education, we have just launched a new version of the website.

During these very first days, we are still fixing some minor details and little bugs, and we have detected some problems due to the existing Cooking Hacks cookies in your browser.

If you can not add products to your cart, or log into the website,
try to refresh your browser (Ctrl+F5 or Ctrl+R, Command+R for Mac Users). If the problem persists try to remove Cooking Hacks Cookies from your browser (you have to make this step just once and the problem is solved!)

Please, find below some screenshots and directions of how to remove Cooking Hacks Cookies from Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.

How to remove Cooking Hacks Cookies from Firefox

First of all, click in the "Preferences" button of the menu displayed in the top right corner of Firefox.

Click Preferences

After that, select the "Privacy" tab, and click in "remove individual cookies".

Select Privacy Tab

Last, search for cookies, select all of them, and click in "Remove cookies" button.

Remove cookies

And that's all. You shouldn't have any more problems.

How to remove Cooking Hacks Cookies from Chrome

First click on the menu button on the top right corner to display the menu and go to "Settings".

Menu -> Settings

Then scroll down and click "Show advanced settings" and then on "Privacy" go to "Content settings..."

Privacy -> Content Settings

After that click on "All cookies and site data".

All cookies and site data

Finally type " cookies" next to "Locally stored" data and click "Remove all shown".

Remove all shown

How to remove Cooking Hacks Cookies from Internet Explorer

First click on the settings button and then select "Internet options".

Select Internet Options

Then under "Browsing history" click "Settings".

Browsing History -> Settings

On the "Temporary Internet Files" tab click "View files".

View Files

Finally type and search for "" and delete all the files.

Search for

How to remove Cooking Hacks Cookies from Safari

First go to the Safari Menu on the top right corner and click on “Preferences”.

Go to Safari Menu -> Preferences

In the Preference window go to “Privacy” and click on “Details...”

Go to Privacy -> Details

Finally search for “” and click “Remove” to delete the files.

Search for and remove

If you continue having problems, or you can't remove your cookies, please email us at We will be happy to help you!

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