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DIY Alarm with 3G/GPRS Shield for Arduino, Camera, Ultrasound Sensor, Keypad & RGB LedMay 16, 2012

Arduteka launches its new tutorial!

It reveals the new 3G/GPRS Shield for Arduino (3G+GPS) from Cooking Hacks. We are going to build a fun alarm that will send us a photo of our intruder directly to our mail, and let us know by a SMS to our mobile phone without a constant connection to the internet.

Let's build a homemade alarm. We will scan continuously the space in front of you through the ultrasonic sensor, with a radius of approximately 30 Ā°. When an object or person is in the field of action at a distance less than the established, it will sound an alarm, take a photograph, turn the RGB Led from green to blue (it will give you 10 seconds to deactivate the alarm through our matrix keyboard). If it is deactivated, it will turn again to scan the field. If not, it will play a loud sound and it will send a SMS to our mobile phone and a photography to our email.

Read the full article here. (Spanish)

Via: Arduino Blog, Source: Arduteka

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