Cromalight: use your iPhone to monitor the ambient lightJune 30, 2012

Cromalight is an iPhone® App, combined with inexpensive and easy to setup hardware "Arduino shield", allows you to take control of switching up to 6 lights or home applinces, it also has an ambient color picker interface and 4 chromaterapy presets.

Jean Paul, from Cromalight, talks about the app:
"Cromalight was designed with the aim of helping a disabled child. The basic idea was to provide a remote control of light switches, bells or appliances. The design process led us to discover Arduino and their cheap and easy-installation components, as well as the easy way to control a RGB LED strip. We noticed that it could not only be used to put colored light in the environment, but also as a method of communication. This is a non-free App because we would like to continue developing, improving and maintaining it. However we would like to give promotional codes to people who need and find it useful."

Cromalight App uses a wi-fi lan to send commands to Arduino shield, there is no need to have any computer on. Arduino shield is an electronic hardware to help create interactive objects.

Via and Source: Cromalight

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