Counting the days till the Maker Faire Bay Area 2015April 27, 2015


Lately, we have been telling you about how the Maker Faire started and all the different maker events for the month of April. Now, we are going to look a little bit closer at the Maker Faire Bay Area. It will take place in a couple of weeks, May 15, 16 & 17, 2015, in San Mateo, California, so you can start getting ready for the greatest show and tell on earth.

This year there will be an early access on Friday, May 15, so Industry Innovators, Maker Movement Partners, Corporate Groups, Educators and school groups and the Media have a dedicated and focused time with the makers before the busy weekend.

Maker Week: Along with the Maker Faire in New York, this is one of the two Flagship Faires. Since these are the biggest Maker meetings it doesn't just come down to a single weekend. The whole week leading up to the event is dedicated to activities and conferences in which makers and hackers can warm up for the main event.

Starting on Monday 11, the San Mateo Innovation Week holds the kick-off party for a week to celebrate the spirit of creativity, productivity and innovation. A hackathon oriented to civic projects will start on Tuesday and the very next day begins the STEM fair, an event created for young students to get interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. A series of presentations and talks on innovative strategies in reducing violence in communities will close the week on Friday.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, May 12 & 13, MakerCon, a Conference for Makers by Makers, will host several presentations and meetings regarding the influence of Making on education, economy and emerging markets, manufacturing or design. MakerCon is the place for entrepreneurs or product developers to seek advice and information on the financial and market aspects of their prototypes and inventions.

Keep up to date with the schedule for the Maker Week.

What to do in the Maker Faire Bay Area

The Flagship Faires (Bay Area and NY) are massive events, so you probably want to carefully plan your weekend to make sure you don't miss anything interesting.

Hundreds of makers will be showcasing their work on the faire. Here you can check the complete list of makers that will attend the event. You can browse by topic to find the hacks and projects you are most interested in. It covers from 3D printing to music, food, health or robotics, surely there is something that draws your attention. (Call for makers).

Maker exhibit consists of an individual or groups and organizations willing to demonstrate what they make. You can also attend to performances from musicians and entertainers (like the Burning Man in the video above), they usually take place on stage, but, in the past, some of them were roaming around the venue. They all are encouraged to bring an interactive exhibit or performance to enhance participation.

Apart from the exhibits and performances there will be 10 to 45 minute long presentations from makers who'd like to describe and talk about their project and how it works, saving some time for Q&A. The complete schedule with every activity will be out in a few days.

Cooking Hacks in Maker Faire


Cooking Hacks proudly sponsors the Maker Faire Bay Area and will be at the tenth annual meeting. Last year we attended the event to showcase our main products and hacks.

Among others, we presented the e-Health Sensor Platform, a shield for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Intel Galileo that allows to perform medical applications with 10 different sensors. Inventor Michael Script developed and showed a Infant Respiratory Rate Sensor, based on the e-Health platform, that could help to treat infant pneumonia by measuring breath rate, heart rate and body position. Read about it here.

We also presented Open Garden, an open source alternative to control your indoor and outdoor plants, and the Radiation Shield. Some of the custom hacks that we took to the Bay Area were the Mind-controlled Beer Machine, the Cooking Hacks Dog Robot and the RFID LED Lamp.

Read about our visit to the event last year (Part IPart II).

Cooking Hacks Beer Machine
Our cute robot dog

We will keep you posted on our visit to the Maker Faire Bay Area 2015.

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