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Cooking Hacks will attend OSHWCon 2012September 13, 2012

As we wrote in a last post, Cooking Hacks will attend OSHWCon 2012, a Convention about Open Source Hardware located in Madrid.

We will have a stand and you will be able to buy your desired products in the event, from Arduino UNO to our 3G/GPRS Shield for Arduino. Our list of available products will be:

- Arduino UNO
- Arduino Mega
- Arduino ADK
- Starter Kits
- 3G/ GPRS Shield for Arduino
- Bluetooth Module
- Bluetooth PRO Module
- Components Kit
- RFID 13.56 MHz
- RFID 125 kHz
- microSD Module 2Gb
- Radiation Shield for Arduino
- Waspmote Starter Kit
- 5V Regulator
- GPS Module for Arduino
- GPRS SIM900 Module for Arduino
- Arduino Ethernet Shield
- Wifi Module (Roving)

There will be several lectures and workshops so you can take a look on the Activities section in for more information

Come on! Get your ticket and pass a great weekend with all of us!! Let's Cook!

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