Cooking Hacks @Maker Faire Bay Area 2013May 21, 2013


This month is being a success in DIY events. Due to the workshops we are giving in TechShop in San Francisco these days, we have been able to attend Maker Faire Bay Area 2013 too.

We have no words to describe our sensations: meeting old friends, new ones, awesome projects from Makers... Maker Faire Bay Area brings the opportunity to any people to show what they do, from makers or HackerSpaces to big companies like Atmel, NVIDIA, Texas Instruments or Autodesk. Artists, inventors, engineers and creators came together to share their toys, hobbies, inventions, and their passions. People of all ages came to be inspired and just have fun.

There were several pavilions (Expo Hall, Fiesta Hall, Hands-on homegrown...) where makers had the opportunity to show everything they make. The Expo Hall was full of booths with 3D Printers, taking a high part on this Maker Faire Edition: from proprietary ones to RepRap ones (Mendel or even Prusa IT3-based like the one we released last week). CNC Machines, 3D Scanners or even Open Source Pick & Place Machine were in this pavilion. Most of people was using Arduino or Raspberry Pi in their projects so we had the opportunity of meeting some interesting attendants, talking about the improvement of their projects and showing our Open Source Sensor Platform: Waspmote. There were several outdoor stages like Coke Zero & Mentos Stage, where Stephen & Fritz from EepyBird show us what they do with the bottles.

Fiesta Hall was a pavilion for Digital Art. It was awesome to watch performances by ArcAttack using Tesla Coils, or playing Tetris in a big screen made by LEDs. Music, Lights, 3D...

And... What about kids? There were many places for them: workshops for "How to solder?" or "Electronic Camps" where kids were making their first electronic projects with basic circuits. Maker philosophy is very high here and we were able to see future "makers". Don't forget: Children are the future!

We met in person people from DFRobot, SeeedStudio or Arduino, taking the opportunity of talk about OpenHardware and our role in this and the staff from Neurosky, remembering the winner of AT&T Hackathon in last CES (January) who won the prize using Mindwave with our 3G Shield for Arduino/Raspberry Pi.

Electronics, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 3D Printers, Hackerspaces, Digital Art, Craft, workshops, children, outdoor events... You must not miss it next time... Turn your dreams into reality.

We are collecting all pictures of this event and they will be available soon in our Facebook channel. Take a look!!

Let's Make!

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