Cooking Hacks launches the IoT Starter Kits fully integrated with our Waspmote Sensor KitsMarch 8, 2016


Cooking Hacks has launched the IoT Starter Kits, a fully configurable range of kits. This is a great way to begin in the IoT world using one of the most professional solutions.

These kits are based on the successful open source Waspmote Sensor Platform, designed by Libelium, and on one of the most well-known communication protocols. In this sense, you can find solutions available with SigFox, LoRaWAN, LoRa, WiFi, 3G, Zigbee and GPRS+GPS. The distinctive feature of these IoT Starter Kits is that they are fully configurable with our Waspmote Sensor Kits, which are ideal to monitor different parameters related to Smart Cities, gases, agriculture, etc. Besides, they include rechargeable batteries in order to have an autonomous functioning.

In this category, you will find the following IoT Starter Kits Kits:

Do not miss the chance to get involved in the IoT World with our IoT Starter Kits and develop monitoring solutions that will add value to your projects making them more complete and professional.

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