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Cooking Hacks brings electronics with Workshops for KidsJanuary 6, 2014

The kids are fabulous. We know it and we have worked along 2013 offering workshops for them. The last months, we have been involved in a school program to teach the kids how to use Arduino, to solder and create their own joystick in order to be used with Scratch. We enjoy making the kids happy while converting their dreams into reality thanks to the electronics.

Through these workshops called "Robotics with the Family", our aim is to close the kids to the new technologies world, sharing the experiences with their parents. The main target is to create an area where parents and children can be fun and learn how to make simple videogames with Scratch ( and create tiny devices to control them thanks to Arduino boards (

The workshops have been divided in 4 parts:

1) Making the videogame: Asteroids.
2) Solder a Joystick. Control Asteroids with this new device.
3) Control Lights with a Relay.
4) Use Ultrasound Sensors as a Parking Sensor.

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- Periodico del Estudiante [Spanish]

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