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Congreso Universitario Movil TelCel 2013October 8, 2013

Congreso Universitario Móvil Telcel (CUMT) was created to gather leaders interested in mobile technology in different levels; students, academic, startups and leading companies. Thanks to UNAM; one of the most recognized universities un Latin America and Mexico, and Telcel; the biggest wireless telecom company in Mexico, CUMT is a keynote event among mobile technology in Mexico. For 2 years CUMT has become the biggest encounter between student community and mobile industry leaders in Mexico.

Cooking Hacks will be attending the event and giving a Workshop about Arduino and 3G to show people how to use 3G networks in this platform and talking about how important is the Internet of Things. The attendants will meet Luis Martin, from Cooking Hacks Team, and developer of the e-Health Sensor Platform for Arduino and Raspberry Pi, and which have recently taken part of the James Dyson Awards.

The exhibition will be next 10th October at 10AM in the Faculty of Engineering in the UNAM, Mexico DF.

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