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Components Kit arrives at Cooking Hacks!February 16, 2012

Cooking Hacks launches the best tool for beginners: Components Kit includes all you need to start in electronics: resistors, capacitors, potentiometers, transistor, diodes, leds.... If you are looking for an essential box "all in one" to work with Arduino or make your own projects, this tool is the one you need. It is a good add-on for our current Arduino Starter Kits too.

x10 100 ohm
x10 180 ohm
x10 220 ohm
x10 330 ohm
x10 470 ohm
x10 680 ohm
x10 1 k
x10 2k2
x10 4k7
x10 10 k
x10 15 k
x10 27 k
x10 33 k
x10 56 k
x10 100 k
x10 330 k
x10 470 k
x5 22 pf
x5 47 pf
x5 220 nf

Electrolytic Capacitors:
x5 1 uf
x5 2.2 uf
x5 4.7 uf
x5 22 uf
x5 47 uf
x5 220 uf
x5 470 uf

x2 1 k
x2 10 k
x2 100 k
x2 1 M

x5 1N4001

x3 4N25

x5 BD-139 NPN
x5 BD-140 PNP

x10 5mm Red Led
x10 5mm Green Led

x1 8 ohm 1/4W Mini Speaker

      Push Buttons:
x10 12x12mm push buttons

x1 Hook Up Wire Red
x1 Hook Up Wire Black
x1 Hook Up Wire Yellow

x1 Flush Cutter
x1 Mini Screwdriver

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