Christmas arrives in Cooking hacks. Merry ChristmasDecember 2, 2013


Ho ho ho!! Merry Christmas!!

Cooking Hacks is preparing for Christmas! We know how difficult is to choose the best present for you and your friends so we would like to help you to find a good one.

BotChristmas is really for kids. Now you can surprise them with their first personal computer using Raspberry Pi board. Let's start with an easy Linux distro which includes Scratch, a nice tool for kids to create their own games, or convert it in a complete Media Center.

Now you will be able to use your modules and shields for Arduino in your Raspberry Pi with our Raspberry Pi to Arduino Shields connection bridge, adding more capabilities to this board. Create your own circuit and use any Arduino shield on this board.

What about your father? He must need Healthcare and he can become the best doctor: himself. With the e-Health Sensor platform, he can monitor his body and send all the parameters to you. Know his health in real-time using tools like Twitter or Xively thanks to the multiple procotols you can use it with this board: WiFi, GPRS, 3G, Bluetooth, ZigBee... This device, with less than 1 year since it was launched, has been finalist in many important awards like IoT Awards by Postcapes or James Dyson Awards, and it has been published in many magazines, including Wired.

And your cousin? Yes, the tech-addict! This year, he can also enter in the Internet of Things with Waspmote. Let's communicate wirelessly and learn how to use the different shields you can plug in it. As easy as using Arduino. "But I've heard that Waspmote is only for experts and commercial projects..." Are you sure? You can discover our complete Waspmote OEM catalogue for Makers right now!

Do you love Christmas lights? Are you sure you can make your own tree and decorate it with leds? If you are a handy person, we encourage you to show it!!

Finally, if you like to give a present to someone, you can use a different shipping address in order to ship the present directly to your friend.

Cooking Hacks wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014!!!

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