Celebrate Maker TechDad's Day sharing time & wit with kidsMarch 1, 2016

Celebrate Maker TechDad's Day sharing time & wit with kids

Dad´s day Cooking Hacks kits

Dad´s day Cooking Hacks kits
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Next week is a special date for fathers and their children. We are speaking about Father´s day, which is celebrated on March 19. It is a good moment to spend time with your children making together some hacks or to develop an amazing gift for you father. We have implemented a special Dad´s Day free shipping promotion until March 20. All orders above 200€ which contain at least one Cooking Hacks kit will be delivered without shipping costs.

Which kind of Dad are you? Tech, DIY, Sports, Chef? Never mind, surely you can dedicate time to your kids sharing your wit with them and teaching how to develop your own smart project. For example, discover our Robot Kit and learn with children to set it up.

Surely you love your father, so what better way to demonstrate your love than making a DIY gift. In Cooking Hacks you will find the best kits to prepare your Dad´s day hack. For example, you can develop a remotely control for his heating, ventilation and air conditioning system with our HVAC IR Remote module for Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

We want to inspire you, so take a look at the following Cooking Hacks ideas:

You can be the best maker father celebrating the Dad´s day introducing your children in the geek world, or you can be the best son developing an awesome and technological gift for your father, improving your electronic skills at the same time.

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