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  • Pi Day Hacks - Weekly RecapMarch 13, 2015

    As you probably know next Saturday is Pi Day. But this time is no regular Pi Day, it's 3/14/15.

    To celebrate this funny and special date we bring you some of the coolest hacks and news we have found around the web regarding the Pi world.

    But first things first: What is Pi?

    Pi is one of the most famous numbers in mathematics. It is an irrational number (infinite decimals 3,1415...) that describes the ratio between a circle's diameter to its circumference. Florian Born and David Friedrich have designed and assembled a machine that calculates the number by mechanically controlling an old calculator. Check out this project here.


    Vintage and nostalgic application with Raspberry

    Here's another example of how you can re-use old technology and integrate it with Raspberry Pi. Voidon took a rotatory phone and converted it with a Raspberry Pi to VoIP. He removed the parts he didn't need to make room for the board and used a USB-sound card for the microphone and handset audio.

    He used the GPIO for to read the rotatory dial and to detect on/off hook of the phone. Posted on hackaday.


    Find somewhere to Pi

    Lots of Raspberry Pi events are going to be held next weekend all around the world. Make sure you find yourself one close to you so you don't miss the chance to share your projects, learn new things and interact with the Pi community.

    Find your Raspberry Jam: these Jams are events organized by the community around Raspberry Pi. You can locate events near you (there are plenty this Saturday) or you can promote and organize your own Jam.

    Find out more here.


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