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Bluetooth modules and shields for Arduino - ComparativeMay 28, 2012

Cooking Hacks has recently released two new Bluetooth devices. Both comes with the Bluegiga WT12 chip (Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR. Class 2) that allows to discover up to 250 devices in a wide range and to perform long range connections with them (from 50 to 200m).

Bluetooth Module PRO for Arduino is used with a XBee shield to connect your Arduino in a Wireless Network through Bluetooth protocol. It comes with a 2dBi 2.4GHz Antenna. This configuration allows to create links up to 50m. Now you can use this technology in your projects for interact between several Arduinos and your smartphone to manage your hacks from a long distance. Make a domotic project in a wide area with the aid of this module.

Tutorial: Bluetooth Module PRO for Arduino.
Bluetooth Extreme USB dongle is used with your PC (Windows, Linux, Mac) to discover Bluetooth Devices. It comes with a 5dBi Antenna so now you will be able to monitor a Bluetooth Network (smartphones, Arduino, PCs...) through this protocol in a wide area and get a long range connection with them. You can also use it for proximity marketing. You will be able to send ads with this Extreme dongle to active bluetooth devices to promote your store.

Tutorial: Bluetooth Extreme USB Dongle.

Combine both Bluetooth devices to extend an Arduino Network and make Digital Art performances with them while interacts with other devices: smartphones, joysticks, gamepads...

If you are looking for a cheaper solution to connect your Arduino to a Bluetooth device in a small range, you can be interested in our Bluetooth Module for Arduino.

Tutorial: Bluetooth Module for Arduino.
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