beta2 of Arduino 1.0September 4, 2011

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David writes -


I just uploaded the beta2 of Arduino 1.0:

Mac OS X:
Linux (32-bit):
Linux (64-bit):

Please try this out, as we’re planning to release 1.0 soon (around Sept. 15th).

There’s lots of new stuff, including progress bar and status bar board and serial port displayed ported over from Wiring. Also, URLs in the IDE are now clickable, so you can go straight to documentation for the examples. There’s something of a list on the wiki:

Or, see the list of fixed issues for Arduino 1.0:

The improvements are thanks in large part to the efforts of Christian Maglie, who’s been working with Arduino for a while now and has been helping out with the software for the last few weeks. Thanks Christian!

Again, I’m planning to do another beta on Friday Sept. 2nd and Friday, Sept. 9th. See the list of open issues here:


Via: Adafruit, Source: Arduino

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