Behind the Kitchen Door: The Web TeamOctober 28, 2013

Do you remember "Behind the Kitchen Door"? In the first article, we talked about our Design Team: the visual part of our site. Today, it's time to talk about our Web Team. It is very closed to the Design Team and it is an important "piece of the chain" because they are in charge of what you are watching through your computer and the behaviour of the site. Tutorial templates, links, banner management, scripts to show the products... Every 0 and 1 of the code is important for us and our Web Team takes care of that.

Carlos integrates the Web Team. Every day, he is fighting to improve our site, making it lighter, more user-friendly and compatible with most of browsers which are appearing.

In conjuction with the Design Team, Carlos upload them in the exact position to show a clear page where the load speed is very important. Do you like our Tutorials? As you can see, our documentation is very large so it could be a nightmare to wait until the images are loaded. One of the improvements by the Web Team was to upload them while scrolling. It makes the page light for old browsers.

Programming skills and Server management are two of the qualities that he has. But not the only ones...

We hope you enjoy this kind of articles and meet the human side of Cooking Hacks. We will come back with more people...

Behind the Kitchen Door!!!

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