Behind the Kitchen Door: The Operations TeamDecember 16, 2013

Do you remember "Behind the Kitchen Door"? In the past articles, we talked about our Design Team and the Web Team: they are the visual part of our site with the use and the graphical part of the website. Today, it's time to talk about our Operations Team. It is an important "piece of the chain" because they are in charge of having your order ready, and providing new products to the site. Kits, references, deal with suppliers, logistics... The most of the operations that surrounds the process of keeping your order with "the care of a mother", since you place it in our site.

Daniel, as Purchasing Manager, is the person in charge of buying everything from our suppliers, from direct reselling products to the whole and hard task to deal prices and components with the PCB Manufacturer.

Cristina is in charge of production tasks: Delivery notes, warehouse management, task board... Both have also the role of Quality Managers, so they do everything in their hands to implement the rules of the Quality Certifications in the company.

Tarek and Nines are involved in the process of Order Processing and Logistics. Every day, they are fighting to ship all the orders, in order to be ready for picking up by the carrier. Kits, blundle products, pre-programmed Waspmotes and Meshliums... They are not only preparing orders as easy as "pick & place". They program Waspmote, Meshlium with custom specifications for the customers.

Programming, Warehouse and Purchase management skills are three of the qualities that they have. But not the only ones...

We hope you enjoy this kind of articles and meet the human side of Cooking Hacks. We will come back with more people...

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