Behind the Kitchen Door: The Design TeamAugust 22, 2013

Hi everyone! Today, we are going to start a new section in our Blog. The idea is to introduce all our Team to the Community.

Along these articles, you will be able to meet every person who makes it possible, from Design to Logistic Department.

These articles will show the human face of the people involved in Cooking Hacks. We are not only the people who can meet you in the events or appear in the videos.

Take a minute, relax and enter in Cooking Hacks world. Here begins:

Behind the Kitchen Door!!!

In this first article, we are going to talk about our Design Team: the visual part of our site. Every pixel, banner and video is the result of many hours spent by them.

Oscar, Estefanía and Tamara are the three people who integrate the Design Team. With an open mind, they convert all the ideas from their minds into reality using their computers.

Do you like our Tutorials and Videos? An important step in the process of launching our releases is the picture and video processing. Every photo and frame of the videos in the tutorials are processed by our Design Team. The result: a nice combination between technical information and the best shot of the products. There is a wide range of videos, from release of products (basic commands and use of the new product) or applications made with our last releases (like our Geolocation Tracker or the HVAC IR Remote Shield for Arduino/Raspberry Pi), to summaries of the last events where we have been, like the Mini Maker Faire Bilbao.

Our logo, banners, the robots or leprechauns in our Hide&Seek Games... are designed by this team. Lot of imagination and skills with the software for designers are two of the qualities that they have. But not the only ones...

We hope you enjoy this kind of articles and meet the human side of Cooking Hacks. We will come back with more people...

Behind the Kitchen Door!!!

Don't miss the next chapter!!

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