Beat Feet: wireless performances with XBee modulesMay 31, 2012

Beat Feet is a pair of shoes and hat that allow a solo performer to orchestrate audio loops in real time using dynamic, unexpected sounds.

The shoes communicate with a laptop wirelessly via Xbee Series 2 modules strapped to the performer's legs. The serial data is parsed in Processing and mapped either to predetermined sound files, or to a MIDI sound library, depending on the performer's preference. While using the MIDI library, the performer can change instruments by executing a specific movement. The performer can choose how sensitive the shoes are by setting thresholds, and change output volume by adjusting velocity. The hat, also communicating wirelessly using an Xbee-2, controls audio loops with a start-record/stop-record function which employs the stylistic gesture of touching the brim. Another button on the brim erases the loop.

The Processing code we wrote is downloadable here as a zip file: beat_feet

Via: XBeeWireless, Source: Beat Feet

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