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Be my Valentine... with Cooking HacksJanuary 10, 2012

Cooking Hacks wants to celebrate Valentine's day with you. On 14th February, people around the world use to do something special for their valentines. Why don't give something absolutely different!! We can propose several ideas during this month to do for your valentine, from smart e-textile or a LED animated chocolate box!!

We will post the projects in our Blog and we will show direct links to all you need to make them.

We also offer a 10% DISCOUNT to all who send us the project with a Video. You have to send it withfull documentation and videos to with Subject: "VALENTINE PROJECT". We will publish them in our BlogFacebook and TwitterCome on Romeos!!

Valentines Heart with fading/blinking LEDs and Arduino.
Open Heart Animation with Arduino
Marriage Proposal with Arduino
Open Heart LilyPad Arduino Brooch
Arduino Gift Box
- Flower Timer: An Arduino Project
- Arduino - Blinking LED patterns
- Hacked Teddy Bear
- Animated T-Shirt with Arduino Lilypad
- Bearsy, your little Teddy bear with Arduino Lilypad
- Tron Bag with EL Wire
- Electronic Valentines Day Card with AVR
- Valentines day LED heart chaser using AVR
- Another heart made with LoL (Lot of Leds) and Arduino

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