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Be my Valentine: Valentines day LED heart chaser using AVRFebruary 11, 2012

Karl made this nice present for his girlfriend like a Valentine's gift.

I’ll be doing something a bit more romantic for Konudagur, next week, but seeing as my girlfriend was working late on Valentines day, I took a break from wireless and frequency counters and software, and whipped up a little love heart.

Not much to it really, just a bunch of LEDs arranged in a heart, driven straight off general IO pins of an AVR ATtiny84, with a pot to adjust the delay between parts. The heart is 12 LEDs, in three groups of four, and can do a nice slow chase, flicker, or appear solid on.

In reality, my board has some extra current limiting resistors, as I didn’t have 12 exactly the same LEDs, and the different diode drops between the different LEDs I had meant they couldn’t share the same resistors. In reality, I also tried to hook up a pushbutton and toggle between two patterns of lights, but I have forgotten everything I learned about switch debouncing, and ran out of time.

Code is available at github, considered to be public domain.

Via: Youtube, Source: False.Ekta

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