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AT&T Hackaton in CES, a showroom for 3G solutions with Arduino-based projectsJanuary 12, 2013


As we said some days ago, AT&T celebrated the 24 hour Hackaton in CES last week.Ā  Now you can check their Facebook page and follow their Twitter account to know more about the event. You will see a lot of images of Las Vegas, CES and the Hackers who attended the Hackaton. As you will see in some of them, Arduino and 3G were the core of the project.

3G Shield for Arduino

Congratulations to Ruggero Scorcioni, winner of the first prize. CNN talks about the event and this initiative in its website:

"This innovative culture was best captured by Ruggero Scorcioni. An Italian immigrant to the U.S. with a PhD in neuroscience from George Mason university, Scorcioni -- who had never built any software before -- drove to Las Vegas from his home in San Diego to network at CES. He happened upon the Palms and, on a whim, entered the hackathon.

A sleepless 24 hours later, Scorcioni hacked into a pair of electronic cat's ears to come up with a cellphone app. These brainwave neurowear "Necomimi" ears pick up our mood and Scorcioni hacked them so they could communicate with our cellphone. If we are too stressed, the electronic ears stop the phone either taking or making calls.

The idea was so breathtakingly clever, so outrageously innovative, that Scorcioni's hack was voted the winner of the Hackathon and he won the first prize of $30,000. Not bad for a day's work by a guy who had never programmed any software before in his life and who entered the AT&T hackathon by chance."

Via: CNN and AT&T

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