Ardusat: 10 days left... to make Cooking Hacks reach the spaceJuly 26, 2013


Cooking Hacks is proud to announce that you have a date to remember very soon: 4th August 2013. This incoming date will be very important for us because we have been to help in this awesome project with our Radiation Shield. Ardusat will measure this kind of data through our shield developed for the Arduino platform and we will know turbulent storms, radiation from far galaxies...

ArduSat is the world’s first open Space network, offering everyday people a chance to interact with, and control a satellite for the purposes of running experiments, games, applications, or whatever other new and interesting applications can be dreamt up.

ArduSat is equipped with roughly 15 sensors on board, including a camera, spectrometer and Geiger counter. It also has a number of Arduino Microprocessors onboard, which allow users to upload their own application, game or experiment and run it on the satellite.

"Crowdfunded by KickStarter, we want to break down the barrier between everyday citizens and space and get everyone truly involved and engaged in the exploration of Space, the Final Frontier.


Make your mark by helping to build and develop the world’s first open Space network, a satellite platform where everyday explorers and creators all across the work have access to build, launch and test new and innovative applications or experiments in Space.  Push the envelope in nano-satellite camera technology usage, the architecture of onboard processing computers or write an smart-phone app for millions of people that pulls together data from NASA Satellites, ArduSats and the 100million+ iPhones/Android Phone all across the planet to deliver a vivid and powerful picture of the Sun’s turbulent storms’ influence on Earth’s transportation network, power grid and people."

Via: Space Apps, Source: Ardusat

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