Arduino & Robots Hacks - Weekly RecapMarch 20, 2015

Arduino Day is in sight. It's just a few days left to celebrate ten years of Arduino so this week we thought you might like to know about some really cool projects and hacks involving Arduino, robots and 3D printing.

3D Printed R2-D2

James Bruton from Xrobots is designing and assembling a 3D printed R2-D2 robot from Star Wars and he's documenting it through a series of videos and tutorials. He is attempting to make a complete R6 droid with motors and all the distinctive lights and sounds.

So far he's finished with the body frame, central foot, the shoulders and the outer legs and feet. To control the servo motors that move the legs and central foot he is using Arduino. He has recently reached part seven of this project and decided to release the CAD files for 123D for free so you can print your own and try to make one yourself.


Follow his progress on his YouTube channel and Xrobots.

You can download all the files from GitHub.

Posted on Adafruit.

Chess Robot

Are you feeling lonely? Don't have any plans for this weekend? Don't worry. Oriol Galceran, a 17-year-old student from Barcelona, has the solution: he has built ChessM8, an Arduino-controlled chess robot.


To detect the pieces there's a network of reed switches (magnetically activated) and it uses a claw to grab and drop and a CoreXY system to position them. He's using an Arduino Mega to connect to the PC via a Python script and the AI can run with any of the chess engines that use the Universal Chess Interface protocol.

Watch the ChessM8 running on YouTube.

Posted on Hackaday.

Arduino Nano based Hexbug Scarab Robotic Spider

Another hack regarding Arduino and robots. In this case a programmable robotic spider built from an Hexbug Scarab toy. The control board was removed from the board and replaced with and Arduino Nano to control the motors and sensors. To measure distances and detect obstacles it has Ultrasound and Infrared sensors, an accelerometer is used to correct its position and a laser pointer to indicate the direction it is moving.


This robotic spider is programmed to move forward and backward, to keep direction and to rotate. It detects being upside down, avoids obstacles and flash LEDs to indicate what it's doing.

When it detects an obstacle it randomly does three different moves to avoid it, check it out in this video.

Read all about this hack on Instructables.

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