Arduino for DIY sensing and monitoring the weather in LondonAugust 31, 2012


Our friend Muki Haklay, Professor of GIScience, has sent us a nice Blog where they post some interesting DIY projects. We want to share this one, where they are using Arduino to make a Ballon to monitor temperature and humidity in London. That's great!

The idea is to engage people not as participants but as community researchers to develop and deploy their own DIY investigative toolkit that will enable them to critically and actively examine, identify and address environmental issues such as (but not limited to) heat loss and air quality. With DIY tools, communities can become investigators of the subjects of concern to them, and through the process, come to understand and own the results. Once data is collected and interpreted, community researchers can leverage it to influence and convince journalists, scientists and policymakers. In addition, the community will also share their findings, stories and innovations in an online community map with Mapping for Change and as open-knowledge with the global community through Grassroots Mapping as wiki articles, how-to videos and pictures.

Extreme Citizen Science lets you take an issue into your own hands, framing the issue, posing the challenge and connecting with the resources and people that you need to make it happen. One of these resources is the Public Laboratory with whom we did a balloon mapping demo and Arduino with whom we built a humidity and temperature sensor and thermal flashlight at the recent Citizen CyberScience Summit.”

Via and Source: Extreme Citizen Science (ExCiteS) research group

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