Arduino Based Wake-Up LightDecember 19, 2012

Hi all,

I’ve decided to make a Wake-Up light, because I hate it when my old alarm clock wakens me with that annoying buzzer. This Wake-Up light gradually increases the light, to simulate a rising sun.
This will help me to get out of bed with a better mood. :-)
Here are the main features of my Wake-Up light:

A normal alarm (as you can find in any alarm)
A repeating alarm, which you can set for every day of the week separately.
Fade-out: to decrease the light gradually and fall asleep
It can function as a night lamp
Various settings, such as maximum light intensity, wake up durarion, …

So here’s a description on how to build it.

First, you’ll need to get all the parts:

Arduino (Uno)
12 ultra bright leds
12 resistors: 300 ohms
NPN transistor (I used TIP-120)
7 push buttons
8 resistors (10 k)
LCD Screen
A buzzer
Some male headers, so you could easily plug everything into the Arduino

Note: The LCD says “Maandag”, which means “Monday” in my language, but in the source code attached, all text strings are translated to English.

Via and source: DFRobot

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