Arduino Barcamp Zaragoza 2012June 27, 2012

From 5th to 7th July there is an appointment with Arduino Community in Zaragoza. Arduino Barcamp Zaragoza 2012 will be located at old Seminary, a building with a capacity for more than 400 people.

With the aid of Arduteka and Milla Digital, we will be able to get several companies and Open Source Hardware icons together in this event. There will be lectures, releases, exhibitions,  digital art, 3D print, cookery... and much more.


Thursday, 5th July

17:30  19:30   Workshop: Wireless modules with Arduino by Cooking Hacks and the support of Arduteka. 
  • Analog and Digital I/O with Arduino.
  • Xbee Communication through XBee 802.15.4
  • How to switch on/off a led and control a servo through Arduino + XBee

19:30  21:00    Lecture by David Cuartielles – New tendences of digital manufacturing – Free access with Arduino Barcamp ticket.

Friday, 6th July

16:30  17:00   Event start by Milla Digital.

17:15  18:00   Nestor Lizalde will show how to integrate Arduino in Digital Art.

18:30  19:15  Graphical Programming IDE for Arduino - Jose Manuel Ruiz Gutierrez from IES Fco. Garcia Pavón de Tomelloso

19:45  20:30 Clone Wars, 3D Printers Association, will talk about their project philosophy and will make a 3D print demo with some of their Jedi Master printers! CLONE WARS

20:30  ____ Networking.

Saturday, 7th July

10:00  11:15   Cooking Hacks will show the New Wireless Releases: Waspmote, 3G Shield, Bluetooth, RFID/NFC Cooking – Hacks

11:45  13:00   News and last Arduino releases from David Cuartielles, co-founder of Arduino. @dcuartielles

13:20  14:00  Carlos Monreal will talk about the latest news about 3D printers world. @CADesignszgz

14:00  15:30   Lunch.

15:30  16:00   Ultra-Lab - Open Hardware and creative environments: “Ultra-experiences”

16:30  17:00   Lecture by Complubot – Educative Robotic with the show of some surprises…

17:30  18:10  Plasma Active - KDE at conquest of mobile devices by @baltolkien with a wide experience as teacher, KDEBlog editor ( and KDE Spain member.

18:40  19:30   Practical lecture and demo of Arduino + Asterisk integration by Jorge Montero @Monterolabs

19:30  ____    Networking and closing.

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Via and Source: Arduteka

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