April Maker Events ScheduleApril 1, 2015

Spring has come and with it nice weather and plenty of maker related events. Makers find a place in this venues to show their projects, share knowledge and interact with the community, and it's open not only to technical fields like science and engineering but also to art or performance. You can learn about the latest technologies on the maker and DIY worlds and enjoy everything that the maker world has to offer. These are friendly and family gatherings of tech enthusiasts, last year around half of the attendees to the New York and Bay Area faires were first timers and lots of children were present too.

Maker Faire was created by Make Magazine to “celebrate arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the Do-It-Yourself mindset”. The first edition was held in April 2006 in the Bay Area (California) and has since grown to a week-long celebration and expanded to every part of the world. Last year 215,000 people attended the venues in New York and Bay Area and a total of 119 Mini Maker Faires were held around the world from Tokyo to Rome.

We thought you might like to keep up to date with every event so, in case you want to come to one, we are listing every Maker Faire in April.

Upcoming events in April

By the end of the month New Castle will be hosting the Maker Faire UK (April 25 & 26). This kind of events are produced in collaboration with Maker Faire and are the largest ones after the Flagship Faires (Bay Area and NY). They last for a weekend and this year New Castle is already celebrating its sixth edition, being one of the oldest faires in Europe. Makers from every part of the UK will be attending this fair and, apart from the usual hacks and projects, you will be able to see amazing performances like The Human Machine from Johnny White or art pieces like the Osmosis Machine from Adrian Pritchard.

Early in the month we have four Mini Maker Faires. These are independently produced by local communities and, despite being smaller in scale than the Maker Faires they hold the vision and keep the spirit of the original celebration but they usually last for a single day.

The first one is Kent State (OH) on April 10. The very next day Saint-Malo in France and Greater Newark (NJ) are celebrating their second edition. This same weekend, in California, Fresno is already facing its third edition.

Next weekend, April 18 & 19, Greenbelt (MD) and Tyler (TX) will be holding their second edition. We have a first timer in Martinsville (VA) and, in Europe, Edinburgh (Scotland) will meet for the third time and Göteborg (Sweden) joins in organizing their first Mini Faire.

Last weekend of the month, apart from the large Maker Faire in New Castle, we have three other Mini Faires. A couple of veterans (4th edition) in Westport (CT) and Burlington (NC), both on Saturday 25th, and here in Spain we will enjoy the first Mini Maker Faire in Madrid.

Find an event in this map with every Maker Faire.

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