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April 9: Internet of Things DayMarch 26, 2013

IoT Day

Do you remember the IoT Awards? Postscapes introduces the IoT Day as follow:

"Presented by the Internet of Things Council and Postscapes the Global Internet of Things day is taking place for the third time on April 9th. Last year there were events held in 16 countries and we expect this year to be even bigger yet.

The topic itself is exploding and we wanted to invite the #IoT Community to hold meet-ups, hackathons, or share a beer or coffee in your area with others interested in the topic to help bring the Internet of Things to life."

Day by day, we are finding new devices and applications where Internet is the common way to link and inter-actuate with them... From feeding your pets from your office to making art performances in Asia using your body in America. Everybody are internetconnected. But people are in a second plane now. Things can feel, talk or even clone themselves. You can find smart devices to monitor your city or house, or even 3D printers to clone exact parts of you have in mind.

Waspmote, our wireless sensor platform, is an example of a professional solution for the Internet of Things. You can monitor your environment, collecting the data through the sensors that you can plug in the different boards which fit on the top of the board: gases, agriculture, smart metering, smart cities... These motes can collect all you can imagine, using them to inter-actuate with other devices remotely through Internet.

IoT Day is celebrated 12+1 days before Earth Day, so it can be a good reason to think about how to use your knowledge to save energy with IoT devices. How can be "greeners" monitoring our environment and making a good behavioural change in our life thanks to the Internet of Things.

Via: Postscapes

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