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A DIY magnetic levitation vehicle using ArduinoJune 10, 2013


Next to our Arduino booth at Makerfaire Bay Area we had a cool project created by Antipodes, a girls robotics team headquartered in Pacifica, California, USA. It’s a Do It Yourself (DIY) remote controlled (RC) model maglev with electromagnetic propulsion, or shortly called maglev.

A maglev is just like a conventional train but instead of wheels it has magnets and it levitates!

The team did a great job not only for the results achieved but especially in sharing the project’s documentation, detailed with all the steps for the construction through videos and pictures so that others can more easily follow in their footsteps.

The maglev, which won the Maker Faire Editor’s Choice blue ribbon, contains Arduino UNO, Arduino Wireless Protoshield, plus many other components you can explore in their videos below and in the project page.

Via: Arduino Blog, Source: The one Robot

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