New Product: 3G/GPRS shield for Arduino (3G + GPS)March 20, 2012

3G - GPRS - GPS - A-GPS Shield for Arduino

The new 3G shield for Arduino enables the connectivity to high speed WCDMA and HSPA cellular networks in order to make possible the creation of the next level of worldwide interactivity projects inside the new "Internet of Things" era.

The module counts also with an internal GPS what enables the location of the device outdoors and indoors combining standard NMEA frames with mobile cell ID triangulation using both assisted-mobile (A-GPS) and mobile-based (S-GPS) modes.

There is a 3G Shield for Arduino (3G+GPS) + Audio / Video Kit available to make video-calls, use it as handsfree device or play your music like your smartphone.


  • WCDMA and HSPA 3G networks compatibility
  • Internal GPS for Assisted A-GPS and Supported S-GPS modes
  • Video Camera (640x480) for video and photo recordings available
  • Audio Kit including microphone, speaker, hands free and headphones available
  • SD file system up to 32GB
  • Works as a standard 3G modem in Linux/Windows/MacOS (~7.2Mbps download, ~5.5Mbps upload)
  • Talk directly to web servers by HTTP/HTTPS (secure)
  • Upload and download files directly by FTP/FTPS (secure)
  • Send and receive mails by POP3/SMTP
  • Play compressed audio files

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