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30th & 31st July: Community DaysJuly 24, 2012

As we announced some days ago, we are celebrating our 5 Years with Arduino. We want to celebrate with all of you this special month so we have set up Community Days. 30th & 31st July will be 2 special days for YOU, people who has supported us sharing your knowledge and fidelity.

Along this week, we will give more information in our social networks: Facebook and Twitter, so don't forget to follow us to know all details.

We will make something different to make it more fun. Stay tuned!

Those days are special for us because our Community is an important part of Cooking Hacks so we will give you a discount coupon of 5% for the entire catalog.


There will be also 10 Chefs in our site with a special code. This code will give you a 10% discount. Come on! Find your Chef and take advantage of the GOLD coupon. ;)

Those days, you will find some products with special prices too.

NOTE: Prices and discounts will be available from 30th JULY 2012 0:00h (GMT+2) to 31ST JULY 2012 23:59 (GMT+2)

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