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2KM Long Range RF link kits w/ encoder and decoder

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2KM Long Range RF link kits w/ encoder and decoder


This is a super long range 433mhz RF link kit Comes with VCO , PLL technology, steady Frequency and super anti-jamming ability. You can directly use it with your project like wireless data transport and remote control etc

  • Working voltage : 5V-9V
  • Working current: 2.5mA(5.0VDC)
  • principle of work:SuperhetVCO, PLL
  • ModulationOOK/ASK
  • Working band: 433.92MHz (customize service available)
  • Bandwidth: 1.5MHz
  • Sensitivity: -105dBm (50)
  • Rate: 5Kbps
  • Decoding formPT2272
  • Antenna length: 18cm
  • Emission Distance: 2 KM

Note: Do not warp theantenna or the module will be burned!

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