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e-Health Sensor Shield V2.0 for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Intel Galileo [Biometric / Medical Applications]


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Featured in:  Wired  and Postscapes

NOTE: This product is compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Intel Galileo boards. See below the links to each of the tutorials.

The e-Health Sensor Shield allows Arduino and Raspberry Pi users to perform biometric and medical applications where body monitoring is needed by using 9 different sensors. This information can be used to monitor in real time the state of a patient or to get sensitive data in order to be subsequently analysed for medical diagnosis. Biometric information gathered can be wirelessly sent using any of the 6 connectivity options available: Wi-Fi, 3G, GPRS, Bluetooth, 802.15.4 and ZigBee depending on the application.

You can find our e-Health Sensor Platform Complete Kit to get a complete First Aid Kit for Makers or get the sensors separately:

- Pulse and oxygen in blood sensor (SPO2)
- Airflow sensor (breathing)
- Body temperature sensor
- Electrocardiogram sensor (ECG)
- Glucometer sensor
- Galvanic skin response sensor (GSR - sweating)
- Blood pressure sensor (sphygmomanometer) V2.0 New Sensor
- Patient position sensor (Accelerometer)
- Electromyography Sensor (EMG) New Sensor

IMPORTANT: The e-Health Sensor Platform has been designed by Cooking Hacks in order to help researchers, developers and artists to measure biometric sensor data for experimentation, fun and test purposes. However, as the platform does not have medical certifications it can not be used to monitor critical patients who need accurate medical monitoring or those whose conditions must be accurately measured for an ulterior professional diagnosis.

Tutorial Arduino: e-Health Sensor Platform for Arduino [Biometric / Medical Applications]

Tutorial Raspberry Pi: e-Health Sensor Platform for Raspberry Pi [Biometric / Medical Applications]
Tutorial Intel Galileo: e-Health Sensor Platform for Intel Galileo [Biometric / Medical Applications]

Note: If you are looking for using this shield with your Raspberry Pi, you must use our Raspberry Pi to Arduino Shields Connection Bridge.

NOTE: If you are interested in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), M2M and the Internet of Things (IoT) projects check our new open source sensor platform: Waspmote which counts with more than 70 sensors available to use and a low consumption mode of just 0.7uA to ensure years of battery life. Know more at:

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