Just one week after the fire: e-Health and Distributor Orders already Shipping!! Read more.
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Cooking Hacks Blog

  • Cooking Hacks will be at Maker Faire Bay Area 2014, May 17 & 18

    Posted on April 22, 2014 by Cooking Hacks

    We will be at Maker Faire Bay Area 2014, May 17 & 18. Come and meet us and see our products first-hand. Jorge, David and Luis will be there to demonstrate our e-Health Sensor Platform, among other new products you'll enjoy.

    We are glad to introduce you to Michael Script, an inventor and maker, who used sensor technology and Libelium’s e-Health Sensor Platform, to develop a device measuring breath rate in infants to diagnose pneumonia. The device is called “Inspire” – and, at a cost of $15-$20 per unit, can replace outdated methods used by healthcare workers in developing countries. This is a case of a maker creating a new device that has a real-world impact, and saves lives.

    The kit Michael that used to prototype the Inspire device is available through Cooking Hacks, Libelium’s open hardware DIY division. The e-Health Sensor Platform kit includes 10 different sensors: pulse, oxygen in blood (SPO2), airflow (breathing), body temperature, electrocardiogram (ECG), glucometer, galvanic skin response (GSR - sweating), blood pressure (sphygmomanometer), patient position (accelerometer) and a muscle/electromyography sensor (EMG).

    With the biometric information gathered it is possible to monitor the state of a patient in real time. Information from the sensors can be wirelessly sent using any of the six connectivity options available: Wi-Fi, 3G, GPRS, Bluetooth, 802.15.4, and ZigBee.

    Maker Faire Bay Area is the world reference meeting point for the Maker community, held annually in May in California, not far from San Francisco, Silicon Valley, the universities of Stanford and Berkeley, Apple, Facebook, Xerox PARC, Pixar, Oracle, Tesla, and the long, long "El Camino Real", that stretches all the way to Mexico... We are sure you're as excited as we are... We are counting down the hours to the start! ;)

    Maker Faire Bay Area 2014 is held at San Mateo Event Center, San Mateo, California on 17-18 May. If you ride your bike, you get free parking and don't have to wait in line. See you there!

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  • Just one week after the fire: e-Health and Distributor Orders already Shipping!!

    Posted on April 11, 2014 by Cooking Hacks

    Today marks a week since the unfortunate fire in one of our warehouses. Since then, we have been working very hard to get back to normal and we would like to inform you of the current status and availability of our products.

    In Cooking Hacks, you can find more than 4.000 different references. More than the 90% of these references come from our official suppliers (SparkFun, SeeedStudio, DFRobot, Arduino), and the 10% remaining are our own products (designed by Cooking Hacks).

    Regarding our own products, most of them are being manufactured and will be available again in just 2-3 weeks time. However, we managed to get some of our most popular products available now! (24/48h). They are:

    From the 90% of our products, which come from our suppliers, we already have in our warehouse the ones you have been asking these days. These means you can already order and get them in the normal 24-48h period!

    These products are:

    The rest of the 90% of these products, are available under the On Demand purchase process. It is simple: you place your order, we get it from our suppliers, and we send it to you. See the complete list here!

    Work has been huge and the team response amazing. We have received all your love and support these days, and we would like to thank again all the messages received.

    Thanks for your patience. We keep on working to recover our normal activity asap.

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  • Thanks

    Posted on April 8, 2014 by Cooking Hacks

    [Spanish message below]

    Thank you very much for your love and encouragement after fire in Cooking Hacks last week.

    We were unable to personally answer to all your messages, but from here, thank you very much and a big hug to everyone.

    As you have seen in our previous tweets, we have prepared an alternative space to continue working normally.

    We strive to give you the best service.

    Again, thank you for your trust and support.


    Muchas gracias por vuestro cariño y ánimo después del fuego en Cooking Hacks la semana pasada.

    No hemos podido responder personalmente a todos vuestros mensajes, pero desde aquí, muchas gracias y un fuerte abrazo a todos.

    Como habréis visto en nuestros tweets anteriores, hemos habilitado un espacio alternativo para seguir trabajando con normalidad.

    Seguimos esforzándonos para daros el mejor servicio.

    De nuevo, gracias por vuestra confianza y apoyo.

    Thanks everyone! Gracias a todos!






















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  • We need your support. A fire has burnt one of our warehouses.

    Posted on April 4, 2014 by Cooking Hacks

    [Spanish message below]

    The night of the 3th April a fire burned one of our warehouses in Zaragoza (Spain), where we store some of the products of Cooking Hacks.

    We are already re-manufacturing these products (PCB's, shields, etc) and will be soon back in stock again. However some of the purchases may experience some delay if the stock of the product requested was affected by the fire (type of products and estimated delay below).

    This is a hard moment for us as we have lost thousands of shields and modules for Arduino and Raspberry Pi which were ready to be sold. What is a misfortune for a small company like Cooking Hacks and it is in this moment when we really need from your support.

    We have always made open hardware products which schematics can be accessed by anyone and we have been close to the Community at many events and open hadware teaching courses with the only purpose of getting people know the benefits of open source technologies.

    Said this, we encourage you not to cancel the order and proceed anyway with it. We know that some of them may experience delay in the delivery but it will be the best proof that you are close to us and to what Cooking Hacks represents.

    Estimated delay time:

    • Official supplier products (Arduino, Sparkfun, Seeed Studio, DFRobot, etc.) will be available in 5 days time.
    • Products designed by Cooking Hacks (see the complete list here) may experience some delay. The first deliveries to clients are expected for the first week of May.
    • For the people interested in our e-Health Sensor Platform, the delay will be surely just 5 days (more info soon).

    We will keep you updated as soon as we have more detailed information.

    Many thanks in advance for your support and confidence.

    The Cooking Hacks team.

    For any aditional questions, please send us an email to info@cooking-hacks.com.


    La noche del 03 de abril un incendio quemó uno de nuestros almacenes en Zaragoza (España), donde almacenamos algunos de los productos de Cooking Hacks.

    Hemos retomado la fabricación de nuestros productos (PCB, Shields, etc.) para volver a nuestros niveles habituales de stock. Sin embargo, mientras tanto, algunas de las compras pueden experimentar algún retraso si el stock del producto que te interesa fue afectado por el fuego. Consulta abajo productos afectados y su plazo estimado de entrega.

    Este es un momento difícil para nosotros ya que hemos perdido miles de Shields y módulos para Arduino y Raspberry Pi que estaban listos para ser enviados. Esto es un gran contratiempo para una empresa pequeña como Cooking Hacks y es en este momento cuando realmente necesitamos de tu apoyo.

    Siempre hemos trabajado con productos de hardware abiertos, con esquemáticos accesibles a cualquier persona, y hemos estado muy cercanos a la Comunidad en eventos y cursos de hardware abierto con el único fin de que la gente conozca los beneficios de estas tecnologías de código abierto.

    Dicho esto, os animamos a no cancelar vuestros pedidos y continuar con ellos. Sabemos que algunos pueden experimentar retraso en la entrega (ver la lista más abajo), pero será la mejor prueba de que estáis cerca de nosotros y de lo que representa Cooking Hacks.

    Tiempo estimado de entrega:

    • Productos de proveedores oficiales (Arduino, Sparkfun, Seeed Studio, DFRobot, etc.) estarán disponibles en 5 días.
    • Productos diseñados por Cooking Hacks (ver lista completa aquí) pueden experimentar un pequeño retraso. Las primeras entregas se producirán la primera semana de Mayo.
    • Para los interesados en la plataforma e-Health, el retraso será seguramente de 5 días. Más información en los próximos días.

    Os mantendremos informados de posibles ampliaciones de esta información.

    Muchas gracias de antemano por vuestro apoyo y confianza .

    El Equipo de Cooking Hacks.

    Para cualquier consulta adicional, envíanos un mail a info@cooking-hacks.com.

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  • New T-Shirts in Cooking Hacks. Expand the Community!!

    Posted on March 25, 2014 by Cooking Hacks

    Do you like the Open Source? And our philosophy? We know that you would like to wear something to identify yourself as a member of our Community. Check out our new T-Shirts and expand the Cooking Hacks Community worldwide.

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  • Robots & Makers. The calendar.

    Posted on March 24, 2014 by Cooking Hacks

    As we announces, Cooking Hacks will collaborate with the first edition of Robots & Makers Milano Show, an event dedicated to robotics and makers which will be held at the Parco Esposizioni Novegro (MILANO-LINATE Airport) on 29-30 March 2014.

    More than 60 Makers/Exhibitors will held in this event, where electronics, Open Source and 3D printers will be present all time! There will be workshops and keynotes to be more close to these open platforms and maker movement in general. Download the program here.

    Why get involved?
    - It is the show of the most important Italian and international distributors of robots and robotics.
    - It is the market fair for real geeks with dozens of booths filled with material to build your own robot at home.
    - Makers and inventors with their creatures to have fun and entertain.
    - Performances of musicians and dancers robot and more.
    - Not only electronics, but also creative 3D printing and modeling.
    - Workshops and laboratories for everybody.
    - Venues for hobbyists who want to learn all about DIY.

    A pavilion of 2,400 square meters of technological innovation and fun. Do not miss out!

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  • Arduino Day Zaragoza 2014. Call for proposals.

    Posted on March 11, 2014 by Cooking Hacks

    Desde el hackerspace zaragozano, DLabs, nos llega la noticia del próximo Arduino Day. Si te gusta el Hardware Libre y quieres mostrar lo que sabes hacer con Arduino, no te lo pienses y participa! Cooking Hacks, como en otros eventos, colaborará activamente para poder hacer llegar el espíritu Maker a la Comunidad. ¡No os lo podéis perder!

    ¿Estás pensando en asistir al Arduino Day Zaragoza 2014? ¿Tienes tu propia historia que contar con Arduino? ¿pero la pregunta es...quieres compartirla?
    En este día queremos que todas las personas puedan contar su experiencia con Arduino, compartirla y aprender todos de ella. Por eso queremos que todos seamos los protagonistas. Rellena nuestro formulario de COLABORA para dar tu propia charla, taller...etc, o simplemente espera a la semana que viene para poder adquirir tu entrada gratuita. ¡Síguenos en twitter para que no se acaben antes de adquirir la tuya!Para conmemorar los 10 primeros años de Arduino realizamos un evento lleno de actividades, charlas, talleres y mucha gente con ganas de compartir nuevas ideas. Desde el Hackerspace de Zaragoza, Dlabs, vimos la oportunidad en este día de acercar esta tecnología a todos los Zaragozanos y unir a todos los que ya la conocían en un mismo lugar, un mismo día.

    Contacto: @Arduinodayzgz

    Página web: www.arduinodayzgz.es

    Muchas gracias a todos. ¡Os esperamos el 29 de Marzo!

    ¿Qué encontraré en Arduino Day Zaragoza?
    Habrá talleres para todos los niveles, charlas con ideas alucinantes, gente con la que compartir tu conocimiento y de la que aprender...

    ¿Cómo me puedo apuntar?
    Lo primero que tienes que tener claro es Cómo te quieres apuntar:

    - ¿Quieres compartir tus experiencias ante todos, dar un taller o tener un puesto donde mostrar tus proyectos? Entonces entra en la sección Colabora y rellena nuestro formulario de inscripción contándonos lo que quieres hacer.

    - Si de lo contrario solo quieres venir a hablar con la gente, participar en los talleres o incluso a pasar todo el día con nosotros, solo tienes que inscribirte de manera gratuita en nuestra sección Inscripciones.

    Es muy sencillo, sólo tienes que rellenar el formulario y tener un poco de paciencia hasta que llegue el día. ¡La cuenta atrás ya ha comenzado, como ya has visto al inicio de la página!

    ¿Qué queremos conseguir?

    Queremos llegar a 3 tipos de personas:

    Si eres del tipo de personas que solo ha oído de arduino en la tv o tus amigos no paran de hablar de ello y alguna vez te ha entrado el gusanillos de conocer nuestra tecnología, éste es tu día, no te lo
    pierdas. Talleres gratuitos, charlas informativas y buena compaña, ¿qué más puedes pedir?

    Si ya conoces Arduino, has conseguido encender un LED e incluso te has atrevido con un servomotor, no te pierdas esta oportunidad para conocer más. Inscríbete en los talleres de nivel medio y acude a las charlas para conocer las experiencias de otras personas. ¿Quién sabe lo que se te puede ocurrir para el próximo proyecto?

    Si ya has pasado a hacer tus propias librerías y estas pensando en llegar mas allá... ¿Porqué no construirte tu propio traje de IronMan? No pienses que en este evento te vas a aburrir ... Acude a
    los talleres de nivel avanzado y a las numerosas charlas, ¡el límite es tu imaginación!

    ¿Y si no tengo ni idea de Arduino?

    No te preocupes, Arduino es muy sencillo y podrás hacer con él cosas sorprendentes. Habrá talleres de nivel básico, y también para usuarios avanzados, ¡no hay excusa para perdértelo!

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  • 17th & 18th March: Kitchen Days in Cooking Hacks

    Posted on March 10, 2014 by Cooking Hacks

    Every year, March is an special month in Spain. We celebrate Father's Day at 19th March and children use to give some handmade gifts to their parents. Two days before, an Irish feast (but extended worldwide) comes: St. Patrick.

    Cooking Hacks wants to celebrate with all of you both feasts and we have set up Kitchen Days for Arduino. 17 and 18th March will be 2 special days to find something special for your parents, if you celebrate Father's Day; or for your friends, if you celebrate St. Patrick.

    We will give more information in our social networks: Facebook and Twitter, so don't forget to follow us to know all details.

    Those days are special to celebrate St. Patricks or Father's Day so we will give you a discount coupon of 5% for the entire catalog.


    There will be also 10 Leprechaun in our site with a special code. This code will give you a 10% discount. Come on! Find your Leprechaun and take advantage of the GOLD coupon. ;)

    NOTE: Prices and discounts will be available from 17th March 0:00h (GMT+1) to 18th March 23:59 (GMT+1)

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  • Cooking Hacks will attend Robots & Makers Milano Show

    Posted on February 24, 2014 by Cooking Hacks

    Cooking Hacks will collaborate with the first edition of Robots & Makers Milano Show, an event dedicated to robotics and makers which will be held at the Parco Esposizioni Novegro (MILANO-LINATE Airport) on 29-30 March 2014.

    Why get involved?
    - It is the show of the most important Italian and international distributors of robots and robotics.
    - It is the market fair for real geeks with dozens of booths filled with material to build your own robot at home.
    - Makers and inventors with their creatures to have fun and entertain.
    - Performances of musicians and dancers robot and more.
    - Not only electronics, but also creative 3D printing and modeling.
    - Workshops and laboratories for everybody.
    - Venues for hobbyists who want to learn all about DIY.

    A pavilion of 2,400 square meters of technological innovation and fun. Do not miss out!

    We will publish more information about the event and the schedule soon. Stay Tuned!

    Source: Robots & Makers

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  • New Smart Water Sensors to expand the IoT to rivers, lakes and the sea by monitoring water quality

    Posted on February 20, 2014 by Cooking Hacks

    Libelium launched a Smart Water wireless sensor platform to simplify remote water quality monitoring. Equipped with multiple sensors that measure a dozen of the most relevant water quality parameters, Waspmote Smart Water is the first water quality-sensing platform to feature autonomous nodes that connect to the Cloud for real-time water control. Waspmote Smart Water is suitable for potable water monitoring, chemical leakage detection in rivers, remote measurement of swimming pools and spas, and levels of seawater pollution. The water quality parameters measured include pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), conductivity (salinity), temperature and dissolved ions (Na+, Ca+, F-, Cl-, Br-, I-, Cu2+, K+, Mg2+, NO3-).

    The Waspmote Smart Water platform is an ultra low-power sensor node designed for use in rugged environments and deployment in Smart Cities in hard-to-access locations to detect changes and potential risk to public health in real time.


    Waspmote Plug & Sense! Smart Water model

    Waspmote may use cellular (3G, GPRS, WCDMA) and long range 802.15.4/ZigBee (868/900MHz) connectivity to send information to the Cloud, and can accommodate solar panels that charge the battery to maintain autonomy. Smart Water nodes are ready to deploy out of the box and sensor probes can be recalibrated or changed in the field, with kits provided by Libelium.

    You can also find the following calibration kits in our site:

    “Smart Water is an improvement on existing water quality control in terms of accuracy, efficiency, and low operational costs. For municipalities, water quality detection and monitoring systems have to be reliable, autonomous, and flexible,” said David Gascón, CTO at Libelium. “With Waspmote, a full Smart Water solution is now available at a price point ten times less than current market solutions, for better management of water resources.”


    • Potable water monitoring: Common chemical parameters include pH, nitrates, phosphates and dissolved oxygen. Measuring O2 (or Dissolved Oxygen (DO)) is an important gauge of water quality. Changes in dissolved oxygen levels indicate the presence of microorganisms from sewage, urban or agriculture runoff or discharge from factories. A right level of Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) minimizes the presence of microorganisms such as E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria.
    • Chemical leakage detection in rivers: Extreme pH or low Dissolved Oxygen (DO) values signal chemical spills due to sewage treatment plant or supply pipe problems.
    • Swimming pool remote measurement: Measuring oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), pH and Cloride levels of water can determine if the water quality in swimming pools and spas is sufficient for recreational purposes.
    • Pollution levels in the sea: Measuring levels of temperature, salinity, pH, oxygen and nitrates gives feedback for quality-sensing systems in seawater.
    • Corrosion and limescale deposits prevention: By controlling the hardness of the water we can avoid the corrosion and limescale deposits in dishwashers and water treatment devices like heaters. Water hardness depends on: pH, temperature, conductivity, and Ca+/ Mg2+ concentrations.
    • Fish Tank Monitoring (Aquaculture/Aquaponics): Measuring the water conditions of aquatic animals such as snails, fish, crayfish or prawns in tanks. Important values are pH ,Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and water temperature.
    • Hydroponics: Plants that take the nutrients directly from the water need a precise pH and Oxygen in water (DO) levels to get the maximum growth.


    Smart Water Sensor Board + Probes for Waspmote OEM

    The new Smart Water sensors are available in the following links:

    Download here the Smart Water Technical Guide.

    Read the complete article in Libelium.

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